Create New Configuration

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Create New Configuration

Set the default configuration

To make it easier to develop a new session configuration set the default configuration file in the Client configuration. Then you don't need to manually browse the configuration file every time you start a session.

See Set default configuration

Copy an old configuration


Copy the new roles and update

File name: xx-Global-Roles.coni

      IDName = "A"
      LongName = "Chief"

      ControlUnits = "D13"

      MailSendTo = "B,C,E,G,H,I,K"
      MapDBTo = ""


Copy the new Units and update
Update the numbers for the units images

File name: xx-Global-Units.coni

      IDName = "F1"
      LongName = "Firefighter Unit 1"

      SendInfoTo = "C"

      ImageGoTo = "Unit\Number\White\1-White.gif"
      ImageGoToSelected = "Unit\Number\White\1-White-Selected.gif"
      ImagePos = "Unit\Number\Red\1-Red.gif"
      ImagePosSelected = "Unit\Number\Red\1-Red-Selected.gif"


Copy the new UAV and update
Update the numbers for the UAV's images
Update who is controlling the UAV at start.

File name example: xx-Main-ss.con


      IDName = "D15"
      ControllerActive = "A"


Roles Map Scroll Positions

Add the new roles and Update all roles map scroll positions.

File name: xx-yy-RolesScrollPos.coni


      IDName = "A"
      MapStartCenterScrollPos = "20,20"

Units Map Positions

Add the new units and update all units map positions.

File name: xx-yy-UnitsPos.coni


      IDName = "F1"
      Pos = "18,18" />

UAVs Map Positions

Add the new UAVs and update all UAVs map positions.

File name: xx-yy-UAVsPos.coni


      IDName = "D15"
      HomeBasePos = "20,20" />




Update unit information outline display. Update if Water or Fuel level should be visible.

File name: xx-Global-MainUI-zz.conii

      Name = "Ground Chief Info" >


        Property = "WaterLevel"
        PropertyType = "String"
        width = "50" />

        Property = "FuelLevel"
        PropertyType = "String"
        width = "50" />


Error messages

Old Unit pos configurations

If you converting an old configuration file and get this error.
You should update unit pos definitions.
Move units position from the elements in <Units> to the elements in <UnitsPos>.
In <Modules> element set Unit = true
In <Modules> element set MapObjects = "True"

Unable to parse session configuration. Error while parsing the tag <Units>
Error report generated by c3systems.global.sessionData.SessionConfigParser.parseSessionConfiguration<Units>